Course Description

While the entire Fearless Budgeting Training Program is FREE online, some people prefer to listen to audios offline. 

Download all 50 mp3 audio files for the program in two zipped files - one for each course - for $14.95.*

That's over five hours of audio training.

 For your convenience, the workbooks, resources, and mp4 of my spending plan process are included as well.

There is also a print and e-book version of the Fearless Budgeting Training Program available for purchase on Amazon. 

* Please note that there are no refunds for this digital product. Since the online program is already free, please listen to the audios online first to be sure you want to purchase the downloadable audio package. It’s just a convenience for those who want to listen offline. But the free version may well be all you need.

Spending Plan Trainer

Susan B.

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Course curriculum

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    MP3 Audio Download - the Fearless Budgeting Training Program - Both Courses (50 Files) TOTAL TIME: 5 hours 42 minutes

    • Download MP3 Audio Files for the Fearless Budgeting Training Course in TWO ZIPPED FILES

    • Download Resources & Five Year Recovery Journal

    • Download MP4 Video of My Spending Plan Process (23 minutes)