Course Description

Once you have your spending plan foundation, you need a method to track your spending ongoing to help you live within your means. In this course, you will learn all you need to successfully work with your spending plan. Each lesson contains an audio and text. There are three video demonstrations. 

Note: This course is for those who already have their spending plan foundation. If you do not yet have a spending plan, you will want to first take Course #1: Foundational Course Creating Your Spending Plan.

Please note that the online course is free, but you can optionally purchase a print or Kindle version of the book. 

You can also download all the course materials, including a PDF of the manual and all the audios for offline reading and listening.

LENGTH: 3 hours, 19 minutes (audios) and 1 hour for the videos

Topics include:

  • Tracking and recording your day-to-day spending
  • Must-have components of any spending plan system
  • EXCEL WORKBOOK for those paid weekly with automatic calculations!
  • How to reconcile your spending plan with your bank account
  • Limiting errors when reconciling and finding errors quickly when there is a problem
  • Dealing with cash
  • Balanced gift giving
  • Living in the next month
  • Debt repayment
  • Where to find checking accounts that pay you interest
  • And much, much more!

YNAB is the Software Used for Training Demonstrations

I do use budgeting software, when necessary, for screen shots, demonstration purposes in Course #2, and in my videos. My training tool is a user-friendly budgeting software program called YNAB (or You Need a Budget). Using my affiliate link, you will receive 34 DAYS FREE TO TRY YNAB.  If you get a paid subscription after the free trial, you'll get a 2nd month free.

I’ve been using YNAB since 2009. This software is the closest I’ve found to a virtual envelope system, the perfect tool for compulsive spenders.  I also discuss other methods to work with your spending plan, and you can use the concepts in the Fearless Budgeting training program with any system you use, from paper and pencil to spreadsheets to budgeting software.

I will also be including some YNAB-specific training videos to clarify issues that some YNAB users find frustrating. For instance, people often come to me with problems around reconciling with their bank account, an error that they just can’t figure out, or confusion around functionality, such as how to account for cash in YNAB.

Recovering compulsive debtor and spender

Susan B.

Susan B. is a grateful recovering compulsive debtor and spender, sharing her experience, strength, and hope. She is also the author of the "Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders."

Course curriculum

  • 1



  • 2


    • A Quick Note

    • Attributions

  • 3


    • Resources

    • Excel Weekly Pay Worksheet

  • 4

    Lesson #1: Welcome

    • Listen & Read

  • 5

    Lesson #2: Components of an Effective Spending Plan

    • Listen & Read

  • 6

    Lesson #3: Options for Working with Your Spending Plan

    • Listen & Read

  • 7

    Lesson #4: How do You Get Paid?

    • Listen & Read

  • 8

    Lesson #5: Living in the Next Month

    • Listen & Read

  • 9

    Lesson #6: If You are Paid Weekly

    • Listen & Read

  • 10

    Lesson #7: More on Periodic Bills

    • Listen & Read

  • 11

    Lesson #8: Romancing Temptation

    • Listen & Read

  • 12

    Lesson #9: Keeping Track of Your Numbers

    • Listen & Read

  • 13

    Lesson #10: Automatic Withdrawals & Deposits

    • Listen & Read

  • 14

    Lesson #11: Reconciling

    • Listen & Read

  • 15

    Lesson #12: Dealing with Cash

    • Listen & Read

    • Part 1: Video Tracking Cash (Using YNAB)

    • Part 2: Video Tracking Cash (Using YNAB)

  • 16

    Lesson #13: Your Partner & the Spending Plan

    • Listen & Read

  • 17

    Lesson #14: Children and Your Spending Plan

    • Listen & Read

  • 18

    Lesson #15: When Parents Give Us Money

    • Listen & Read

  • 19

    Lesson #16: Lending Money

    • Listen & Read

  • 20

    Lesson #17: Gift-Giving Tips

    • Listen & Read

  • 21

    Lesson #18: Moving Money Between Categories

    • Listen & Read

  • 22

    Lesson #19: Delayed Gratification

    • Listen & Read

  • 23

    Lesson #20: Dealing with Debt

    • Listen & Read

    • Interview with Greenpath - "I Can't Stop Spending!" Podcast Episode 26

  • 24

    Lesson #21: Quick Tips Regarding Refunds & Library Books

    • Listen & Read

  • 25

    Lesson #22: Checking Accounts with Interest!

    • Listen & Read

  • 26

    Lesson #23: Overview of My Spending Plan Process

    • Listen & Read

    • Video: My Entire Spending Plan Process

  • 27

    Lesson #24: Congratulations & Thank You

    • Listen & Read